Gentle Yoga

Welcome to Thursday’s Blissful Gentle Yoga class offered by Catherine! Our class runs each week, from 1:10-2pm. No experience with either yoga or meditation is necessary. Catherine uses many comfy props to offer poses and guidance that are accessible to most bodies and minds.


Glowing candles light the room as Catherine guides the class gently into deep calmness with yoga poses (asanas) to lengthen muscles and ease body fatigue. In this class, there are no worries, no competition, just longer, leaner bodies and relaxed minds. Simply follow Catherine’s story as she leads you into a place of bliss, allowing the mind, body and spirit to recoup and recharge.
We start with gentle asanas and then move to a simple sequence. Each gentle pose will be held for a few minutes while we silently explore the deeper questions that a calm mind allows us to hear;

For example, in hero pose, we may wonder: “Who are my heroes? Am I a hero myself?’

In tree pose, we might ask ourselves: “Where are my roots?”

Our class finishes with a juicy rest pose, savasana. This calming asana brings a final stillness before your day continues outside of the bliss of our studio. Savasana in Catherine’s gentle yoga class is a full and complete experience; you are soothingly guided through a simple relaxation and meditation exercise that will leave you feeling renewed and peaceful.

Catherine’s class will hone your focused attention, inspire a spirit of self inquiry and curiosity, and soothe your body and mind to stillness.

All are welcome! Also follow Catherine’s Instagram posts for class reminders and inspiration @theyogaloungeto