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‘The Secret of Change’

Does meditation actually work? I've asked myself this question multiple times before actually taking an interest in it, myself. It's a practice that sparks a lot of intrigue, but the purpose of it can be fuzzy. The whole point of meditation is to be AWARE of our emotions and mind instead of just experiencing them. I think everyone can vouch for the fact that our inner voice is sometimes a pain in the ass. It's also incredibly intuitive and reveals to us our hidden feelings and what our true ethical standpoint is. "Meta" translates to beyond, thinking about thinking, or

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A Little Yoga 101

History Yoga began as a physical practice that involved stretching and strengthening each and every muscle in the body, so that one would be able to sustain a seated position of meditation for as long as possible. Way back when, the yogis were men who lived in caves-and no, I'm not kidding. Their way of life was quite profound actually, and that quality is something that many 21st century yogis have lost, as we've Westernized the practice to some degree (obviously this varies from studio to studio). These men gave up all worldly possessions to focus all of their

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Sundays Over @ The Yoga Lounge

10am: Alignment-Based Yoga with Susan Tomorrow Susan will be leading this class and employing the use of chairs. Some people view props as almost a way of cheating, but it really is just a way to allow yourself to dig deeper into a pose than you could without the prop. Chairs help us to maintain balance so that we can better focus on aligning the body properly. The aim of any asana is to align the body, and strengthen that alignment so that we can sustain it within our every day lives. The chair's role in all of this

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5 Yamas That the World Needs

The guidebook of classical, raja (royal) yoga, otherwise known as the Yoga Sutra, outlines the eight limbs of yoga. These so-called "limbs" are guidelines for leading a life of meaning and purpose. Pantanjali was the sage whom compiled these 195 truths nearly 1700 years ago. These yamas serve as the moral, ethical and societal guideline for the practicing yogi. And quite frankly, I believe that these mantras are relevant and powerful even beyond the realm of yoga. We can all take something from these incredible lessons. Each yama is expressed in the positive, and serve to inspire one's behavior

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Every Sunday at around four o'clock a sinking feeling hits all of us in the stomach- the weekend has come to an end. You begin to mentally prepare for your early morning Monday commute and the long day ahead of you. Resist the urge of curling onto the couch and turning on Netflix. Outsmart your Monday blues right before going to bed because you deserve to enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Begin with doing something active instead of passive. Close your TV and and pick an activity that will allow your mind and body to be involved in-

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Raw Chocolate Balls recipe

Here is a recipe for raw chocolate balls that has been passed down to us today. It looked so good we just had to share it with you guys! You will need: Raw chocolate paste, or Raw cacao butter & Raw cacao powder (handful - or 200g total - 125 : 75) Maple syrup Dried fig Nuts & seeds (walnuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, chia..etc.) a pinch of sea salt a couple of pinch of Grounded chai spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger... a drop of Orange essential oil (edible/medical grade) 1) Melt chocolate paste, or butter and powder combined

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Why Do We Offer “Opening Hips & Hamstrings”?

This is a fair question. I've yet to find a yoga studio that offers something along these lines, or something that is dedicated to the pelvic floor. Before I took this class I really didn't even know what this term meant, or that I should've been taking care of it. I think we tend to overlook just how detrimental our hips and hamstrings are to our day to day lives both in the present, but also long-term. What is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is the muscular base of the abdomen, attached to the pelvis. The Continence Foundation

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The Brain vs. Contemporary Living

The brain is an organ, just like our intestines, our liver, our pancreas, or our heart. We often attempt to detox or cleanse different organs within the body, and tend to forget that the brain is our central communication hub and NEEDS rejuvenation. Recent growing research has shown a direct correlation between an optimal, healthy brain and exercise and meditation. And if you practice yoga, I think you can vouch for this. Since I began consistently practicing yoga, I've noticed my short-term memory has sharpened, my anxiety has eased, and my overall state of mind is more peaceful than

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‘You Just Love Until You and the Beloved One Become One’

With a new week approaching, I always like to focus in on what it is that I want to emulate going into the week ahead, or what I need to more consciously focus on in my life. What has been shown to me through others this past week? What has given me insight? How can I enlighten the people around me? In what ways can I be a source of joy for others? How can I ease their suffering and offer them something greater? How can I provide light to those feeling their way through the dark? As I

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Did You Remember to Bring Your Ego?

Do you ever walk into a yoga class, you've got your new Lulus on, you show up wearing some fresh Nikes and let's be honest you think you look pretty damn good. We've all been there, and this isn't to shame showing up to yoga class with confidence by no means- but when vanity and ego start appearing in our practice, we are not being authentic in our body n'or mind, not to mention we are doing a big disservice to ourselves. We are stopping ourselves from gaining the optimal benefit of our practice before we even step foot

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