The Fall Equinox

The time of year when there is equal amounts of darkness and light. As the equinox passes this evening, we move into fall officially and the days of sunlight get shorter as nights get longer and darker.

It is a time of year that has always been associated with the harvest; gathering the bounty of the summer sun and rains. It is also a spiritually significant time of year. For many, it symbolizes the start of a new year much more than January 1st does. As the universe moves into a darker (deeper, not more sinister!) state, we too, turn inwards and reflect on the memories of the summer and prepare our souls for the quiet of winter.

In studio this evening, we have a special guest teacher, Chris Hawk, offering a class at 630pm.

I wish you all a happy Equinox, and hope that you have time this week to share a meal (harvested or not!) with loved ones.


Stress is the root of many of our illnesses, it causes feelings of discomfort and dismay, and can wreak havoc on our souls. That may make it harder for us to connect with other souls, makes it more difficult to find meaning in situations, makes it harder to solve problems that can be solved, makes us feel that we are all alone.

Stress is also a consistent undertone of our day-to-day; for many, an unavoidable state.

So how do we cope with stress? One of the things we teach in our classes is that you can’t change the entire environment around you (the ringing phones, the traffic, a noisy neighbour), you can only be responsible for the change within yourself. You can choose to acknowledge and honour yourself during class, you can choose to be positive and proud that you made it to practice. You can develop the skills necessary to completely tune out distractions to your zen.

We could all do with a few more skills in managing stress. A few tips: notice the feelings of racing heart, sweaty palms, anxiety, accept them and then (most importantly!) move on from them. The body has a whole repertoire of stress responses. You will know yours! By acknowledging their presence, we are honouring our own feelings and noticing when they arise. Then the next step is to limit the stress from affecting any more of our day; whether that means creating a simple plan to manage the stress (identify three steps you can take to break the stressor down into smaller pieces that are more likely to be resolved), or simply putting thoughts away until the end of the day/ week when you can come back and tackle the stressor.

The body is a mind reader. Stress, anxiety, troubling messaging in the brain may eventually present as physical storms demanding more of your attention.

When we are stressed, parts of the brain will actually shut down, in an attempt to protect ourselves. It is essential that we, in turn, give our brains time in complete calmness so that it can continue to function and help us to thrive. Our weekly meditation classes teach the skills required to calm the breathe, the mind, and the body. You are also treated to a half hour of guided progressive relaxation that permits the brain to rest and replenish.

Letting Go Workshop September 21st

ChrisChris Hawk has been practicing to master the art of meditation, breath, and yoga over the past 15 years. On Monday, September 21st, The Yoga Lounge has the pleasure of hosting a special one time only workshop “Letting Go”.


This class will be focused on revitalizing the self, letting go of the negative, and absorbing the positive through physical contractions and breath.
Check out our event to learn more!



New Class 5pm Fridays

Try out Didi1Didi’s NEW CLASS every Friday at 5pm.

Enjoy a POWER FLOW, a work your butt off Hardcore Vinyasa style flow. Strengthen your shoulders and core working towards achieving balances such as Crow and more! Didi’s style is “flowy”, dance like, and challenging yet with modifications for all levels to enjoy. As a fan favorite Didi offers multiple classes at The Yoga Lounge throughout the week.

Open Streets TO: Sunday September 6th

Open Streets Toronto taking place THIS SUNDAY September 6th, 9am to 1pm, is a GREAT way to get out and get active with your friends and family for the long weekend. Road closures allow cyclists and pedestrians to take over the streets of TO! Activity hubs around town will be bumpin’ with information, classes, and movement! Our studio will be positioned within the hub between Shuter and Queen on Yonge St, west side. There will be short classes every half hour to an hour. Participants will receive a FREE class pass!!! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Come flow with us!

2015 Open Streets Poster – V3.5 (Doolin – Sept 6)(1)

New Classes with Christabelle

Christabelle is a new teacher at the studio and will be teaching the following classes:

Fridays 7:00-8:00 HOT Vinyasa,

Saturdays 11:00-12:00 HOT Deep Stretch & Flow,

Sundays 12:00-1:00 HOT Yoga for athletes,

These classes are suitable for all levels! Her teaching style is challenging but gentle, with an emphasis on mindfulness, alignment and slow, controlled movements to build strength.

Come heat up as the days cool down!

Hips and Hamstrings

Today in Susan’s Hip and hamstring class we spent time understanding how the tailbone drops and is actively drawn in towards the spine. This opens the lower back with a deep release as the tail bone works inwards. We examined this concept thru active lunging with a chair with support using a bolster under the hips. Students worked in supported back bends to find the awareness and action of the tail bone. Previous understanding of this concept used the action of tucking the tailbone and this causes the chest to drop as it pulls the chest actively downwards. This collapse in the upper chest is not seen when one explores releasing and dropping the tailbone down and inwards.