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With the changing of weather and vacation season soon approaching class timings, teacher subs, and schedule changes are bound to occur! If you would like the most up to date information of what’s up at The Yoga Lounge, please follow us on Facebook at “The Yoga Lounge”.


Tai Chi Health Benefits: Master Yuan


The medical goal of today is to learn how to age successfully. That is aging without disease, with a high mental or cognitive ability, and still having a social responsibility. The design of the health care system focuses on the treatment of existing ailments rather than being proactive to prevent the onset of chronic and acute diseases. Really, what the medical model of health care should be advertising is the importance of physical activity participation, importance of sleep, how to reduce stress, and eating a nutritious and balanced diet to avoid diseases rather than maintainance.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of “exercise as medicine”. Tai Chi promotes mindfulness which is known to decrease the likelihood of developing age related dementia’s. Tai Chi has been found to increase people’s balance as well as proprioceptive awareness which significantly reduces the risk of falling: The fear of falling is a major contributor to social isolation among the aging population because people are afraid to leave their home due to the risk of injury.  Read more about the health benefits of Tai Chi here at this link provided by Harvard University.

Master Yuan is a Shaolin Temple monk who dreams of sharing the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi in Toronto and across North America. Tai Chi is provided by him every Tuesday from 1-2pm. Check out our schedule to see more of Master Yuan, and other classes offered here at The Yoga Lounge.

Meet a Yoga Teacher: Kristina!

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Everyone, meet Kristina!

Kristina has been teaching a Vinyasa Flow class with extra core work on Saturdays for a while, and last month added a HOT Deep Stretch Flow class on Wednesdays. A more gentle vinyasa flow class with the benefit of a heated room, her Deep Stretch class focuses on developing and improving posture, balance and flexibility.

YL How did you discover yoga?

I took my first yoga class in 2004 after my mom, who started practicing yoga while battling breast cancer, suggested it to help me relieve the stress and pressure I was feeling from university. I fell in love with it and have been practicing ever since.

YL What excites you about your own practice?

I truly look forward to stepping on my mat everyday – whether it is for 5 minutes or 2 hours, I try to make time each day to deepen my own practice. Although I am a teacher, I will always be a student! I’m always excited, and sometimes surprised, when I learn something new about myself through yoga. It is such a beautiful spiritual and physical practice. Yoga continues to guide me on my personal journey towards peace and I am grateful for that.

YL How would you describe your classes and your teaching style?

I primarily teach Vinyasa yoga. I would describe my classes as playful and energetic, connecting breath with movement while focusing on alignment, flexibility and most importantly core strength. I incorporate yoga philosophy, anatomy and meditation in each power-building class sequence. I also love to play a variety of music to accompany the flow of each class.

YLWhat inspires you, personally? OR What gets you going every day?

My love for yoga and teaching truly inspires me! I’m inspired by my teachers, students and fellow yogis as I continue to grow and learn from them. My love for my family also gets me going everyday. My husband’s patience, kindness and positive attitude makes me want to be a better person and I am very thankful for that.

YLWhere do you think yoga, as a movement, is heading?

The practice of yoga, in it’s entirety, is constantly evolving and growing as we see new styles of yoga being introduced and new tweaks being made to older practices. Through all this change, and regardless of which style of yoga you take on, I believe the goal remains the same – to look within yourself and take time to nurture your mind, body and soul.


We’re very excited to announce a new class from Shaolin Master Yuan! His Sunday Qi Gong classes have been so well received, that he’s offered to teach a second, more active class.

Starting this Tuesday, January 6th, Yuan will be teaching a Kung Fu Basics class. He will walk you through the basic stances and forms of traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu. You will draw on the energy in your entire body to learn to become soft and fast.

This is NOT a sparring class. Students will be learning the motions, principles, and philosophy of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Expect to be standing for the entire hour and fifteen minute class. Any clothing appropriate for yoga will be appropriate for Kung Fu. Mats not required!

Kung Fu with Master Yuan!



Don’t miss it.


Restorative Yoga for the Holidays

Feeling overwhelmed by holiday stress? This great article by Dana Meltzer Zepeda from Yoga Journal gives four restorative yoga poses to help melt away those worries! Lock the door to your in-laws basement and give yourself a much deserved 20 minute rest and recharge.

No bolsters at your inlaws? No problem! Improvise  by rolling a blanket up and securing it with a belt.

And, if you’re staying in town, make the time to come down to the studio for one of our many Restorative classes on offer throughout the week. You’ve earned it.

December Newsletter

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius!


We move into the new moon in Sagittarius this Saturday! It’s a time of NEW BEGINNINGS! It’s a time to align with your truths, set your intentions and let them soar! From now until the next full moon we are in a time of generating energy, of drawing things towards us. Think of yourself as a magnet and visualize all the good things you want to come toward you. This can be new goals, new intentions, love, trust, gratitude. Use this time to CREATE and reconnect with the pure creator that you are. Be a visionary, and dream big! Continue to return to your intentions of creating, generating and pulling in through to the next full moon where the cycle of manifestation completes.

You are invited to our annual Holiday Party!!


Saturday December 6, 7:30pm-1:00am
The Yoga Lounge, 103 Church st.
DJ BLACKCAT will be spinning from 10:00pm-12:30am, so be prepared to DANCE!
(He will have his latest House Music CD for sale!)
There will be exotic cocktails, snacks and much merriment!

New Classes!
-7:00-8:00pm Ashtanga with Sarah A
-8:00-9:00pm Vinyasa (a less formal practice than Ashtanga) with Sarah A.
-8:00-9:00pm HOT Vinyasa set to Bollywood Music! with Esmé
-9:00-10:00pm HOT Vinyasa with Esmé
-5:00-6:00pm HOT Ashtanga with Anna Von
-6:00-7:00pm Some Like It HOT Vinyasa  with Anna Von
-5:30-6:45pm Back Care Basics with Susan
-11:00am-12:00pm HOT Yoga- Intensity meets Playfulness with Stephanie B.
-2:00-3:15pm Yoga Now with Ali

Have a look at the recipe for these Raw/Vegan 


BUDOKON: Exciting new workshop, November 29th!

budokon poster

Sal, who teaches the always awesome HERO FLOW class on Sundays, is offering an introduction workshop in BUDOKON on Saturday, November 29th, at 5:30pm!

Budokon, to quote the Budokon University website, is “best described as a transition based hatha Yoga flow with continuous circular rotation. (This) Yoga style honors its traditional roots of Hatha (posture based) Yoga while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular influence.”

Budokon is an exciting and dynamic new style of mindful movement, and we’re very excited to offer this special workshop. Stay after the class and share some tea with the other students and Sal!

When: November 29th. 5:30-7:30pm
Cost: $25.00

Contact The Yoga lounge to register. Shoot Sal an email if you have any questions about Budokon, or what to expect from the workshop!

Meet a Yoga Teacher: Tanya!

Hello everyone! Meet Tanya.


Tanya has been teaching here at the Yoga Lounge since summer 2014. She teaches a challenging HOT Power Flow class at 4:30pm every Sunday. Her class will coordinate movement and breath for a moving meditation. The focus will be on strengthening poses followed by long stretches to ground and centre the mind and body. Expect to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping!


1. How did you discover yoga?

In the mid 90’s as a teenager I discovered an old book my mother had on Hatha Yoga. The book was really exciting as the yoga philosophy and fundamental yoga postures exposed were new and different. With guidance of the book, I developed a personal ritual and self practice then shortly after attended group classes.

2. What excites you about your own practice? 
My practice is about the “my time” dedicated to connecting and embracing with my inner self, my soul, my breath and body. Most importantly I embrace what it does to my mind. For example, the way I feel in a pose and those feelings that arise learning things I thought were not possible is a process more important then the pose itself.
3. How would you describe your classes and your teaching style?
I have experience teaching different styles (hatha, ashtanga, fusion, power, vinyasa, pranayama and meditation) and levels (beginner to intermediate). As a teacher, my joy is in creating an atmosphere where students can enjoy their time on the mat and allow whatever journey they’re on to transpire.
4. What inspires you, personally?  OR What gets you going every day?

I’m inspired by music and chocolates :) I have a tendency to continuously set small and large goals personally, professionally and spiritually. The process of setting goals is a driving force that grounds me to live in the present moment and as a lifestyle helps  me to continuously grow and evolve.

5. Where do you think yoga, as a movement, is heading?

The “physical” practice of yoga became a fad in the mid 2000’s and today I see the “meditative” practice of yoga heading towards becoming a fad. There has been a huge movement recently bringing meditation mainstream.  While there is always pro’s and con’s, the essence and tradition of the purpose of yoga is becoming lost in translation.